ANGRY ASIAN GIRLS is made up of activists and artists, poets and politicians, community builders and change makers. We are an ever-growing group of individuals with a fervent desire to change the way Asian and Pacific Islander Americans (APIA) come to see and understand the world through representation. We are here. We are radical. We are ready. 



ANGRY ASIAN GIRLS was founded out of a fervent desire to change the landscape of APIA organizing efforts in Boston and beyond. We'd like to think we make some pretty magical shit happen.


We just rang in our third birthday with a QTPOC Dance Party and Midnight Fashion Show at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and are excited to announce an upcoming residency with PRX Podcast Garage.

Over the last three years, we've teamed up with orgs like Asian American Millennials Unite and East Meets West Bookstore to host panels and open mics for the community, by the community, featuring the community.


We handprint tees and other goodies for you to rock our message and take us with you everywhere, and all of our proceeds go back into the events and projects we take on.

Above all, we want to be a voice, an outlet, and a safe space for APIA identifying folx to produce art and words that are actively in dialogue with the sociopolitical landscape. In an America that is all too unknown, run by a person who has demonstrated time and time again how divorced he is from reality, we have an obligation as artists and activists to rise up and fight. Come through. Support us. Join us.