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On June 20th, the core team at Angry Asian Girls got together to solidify a mission statement and document that would drive our organization forward. We are excited to present you the fruit of our labor!


ANGRY ASIAN GIRLS is a collective dedicated to community building and the sustainable empowerment of API young people.


ANGRY ASIAN GIRLS is a collective dedicated to sustainable community empowerment. Through collaborations and workshops centered around healing and education, we strive to build a community of empowered young people. By holding physical spaces for API folks to gather, we provide opportunities for people to build, grow, and reclaim their power. We strive to uplift underrepresented narratives by promoting creative expression and encouraging people to engage with their identities in ways that suit them best.

We're excited to start programming with this mission in mind! Comment below with events or activities that you would like to see from us!

With love and light,

Angry Asian Girls